All of Sweden's training club.

Nordic Wellness

All of Sweden's training club

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  • Nordic Wellness is Sweden’s largest gym chain in terms of the number of clubs. Currently, they have more than 300 gyms from Umeå in the north to Ystad in the south. The geographical breadth is at the center of their new communication concept – “Hela Sveriges Träningsklubb”, which roughly translates into “All of Sweden’s training club”. With the concept, Nordic Wellness wants to encourage an active lifestyle.


    “Our goal is for everyone to have access to a really good gym, regardless of where they live or why they exercise. The concept captures the core of our business, that we are here for the whole of Sweden.”


    – Magnus Wilhelmsson, owner, Nordic Wellness.

    The material showcases Sweden’s scenic breadth, including the mountains of northern Sweden and the coastline of Bohuslän, in combination with hard-working members at Nordic Wellness’ various gyms. Among those portrayed in the film is former pole vaulter Alhaji Jeng.


    “Casting was an incredibly important part of this production. We wanted to show the wide variety of people who train at Nordic Wellness and were particularly looking for cool characters with strong personalities.”


    – Calle Österberg, Creative Director


    The music in the film is folk-pop group Sarek’s “Genom eld och vatten” (Through Fire and Water), which became known primarily through Melodifestivalen 2003. Here, it is presented in a unique interpretation for the campaign by David Malm and Tilde Mossberg.

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