The ignored kidney


The ignored kidney

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  • Background

    Among the public there is little knowledge of what the kidneys do and what can happen if they stop working as they used to. Most people are therefore blissfully unaware that the kidneys, they hardly ever think about, could one day stop their important but unnoticed work, without making any fuss.


    The brief from AstraZeneca and the Swedish Kidney Association was to develop a campaign to raise public awareness of chronic kidney disease, a disease that affects one in 10 people, and why it is important for people living with diabetes, high blood pressure or any cardiovascular disease to pay a little extra attention to their kidneys.



    To achieve this, we wanted to arouse emotions and creating sympathy with a film that visually depicts the life of the kidney as an ignored organ, illustrated with a series of everyday situations where the kidney is overlooked or unnoticed. All summed up with a clear CTA what do if you belong to one of the identified risk groups.



    Except from the online film, the campaign consists of the campaign website,, banners, news articles, various posts on social media, and local events.